Who we're helping RIGHT NOW:


Our mission.

Whether we're fundraising, advocating for care, helping navigate the healthcare system, organizing volunteers, leaning on politicians, battling with inadequate caregivers, spreading the word on social media, or designing products to sell, we're singularly focused on helping families with children that are battling cancer.

How you can help.

The easiest way for you to help is by making a cash donation through our site. You can specify which family you would like to receive the money. 100% of your donation goes directly to the family, since we are not yet a 501(c)(3), we don't accept any donations to support the operations of Jumbie Industries. However, we donate 10% of profits from our product sales and custom work to the families we help.

Do you know a family in need?

Do you know a family with a child that has cancer? Let us know! We would love to start helping other families.  We are currently considering families located in Washington, Frederick or Montgomery County, Maryland.  For the past year, we have been building connections in these areas and have the best chance of helping a family obtain all the things they need by keeping it local.

Services provided.

  • Fundraising assistance
  • Organizing a network of people to provide meals and run errands
  • Providing services to pamper the family and patient (hairstylists, massage, maid services, etc.)
  • Locating a photographer that can capture the journey
  • Hosting fundraising events
  • Advocating for pediatric cancer patients and connecting them with the best care possible
  • Helping to navigate the healthcare system
  • Raising awareness on social media
  • Designing and manufacturing products to sell for fundraising

Contact us.

If you know of a family that you think could benefit from what we do, or are a family looking for assistance, please message us here.