Hi, we're Jumbie Industries, is a mission-driven creative startup. We are growing and need to add a designer / laser operator to our team.

A bit about us:

We are passionate about two things: craftsmanship and compassion.
At Jumbie Industries, we specialize in custom design, laser cutting, engraving, signage, woodworking and hand-crafted manufacturing – all for a good cause.  We donate money from each sale back to the local families of children in Maryland that are battling cancer.

Jumbie Industries was started after Joe Henson, the 12-year-old son of our family friend, Angie, developed medulloblastoma (a highly aggressive and malignant form of brain cancer). As if this wasn't terrible enough, Angie (a mother of 4), was left widowed when her husband, Chris, was taken from them in a tragic car accident several years prior.

It was at that point we made the decision to do whatever we could to help ease the burden childhood cancer was besetting upon our friend's family. With Jay spending nearly 20 years working as a creative director in the advertising world, and Melanie spending the best part of her career working at an international non-profit, it was natural to tap into our professional skills to create a fundraising and advocacy campaign of epic proportions. You can read more about that particular campaign, called "Fear Isn't Real," here.

Jumbie Industries is the natural progression of that campaign. We donate 10% of our profit to local pediatric cancer charities. We're utilizing our professional skills to create beautiful products and make a difference. It's fun, fulfilling, and meaningful.

A bit about you:

If you are looking for a career where you will work hard, be super creative, and learn a lot, this is the place for you. We understand that not many people know how to use a laser. That's ok. It's not very difficult to learn. If you already know how, that's great. If you don't, that's ok too (we'll teach you). If none of this freaks you out, read on.

Position Description: Designer & Laser Operator

  • Design rules supreme at Jumbie. Therefore we'd like you to be creative, have a great sense of aesthetic, and be obsessive about details.
  • We use Adobe Illustrator on the mac (and PC), so you've got to be proficient. Photoshop too.
  • You'll need to operate some pretty cool equipment, like lasers. This includes the loading/unloading of material, maintenance, changing lens and running cutting and engraving programs.
  • We move quickly, so you need to be organized and good at communicating with clients. You'll need to help prioritize production runs to ensure that customer orders are completed in a timely manner, while maximizing machine run time and productivity.
  • You'll need to be able to read simple parts drawings, blueprints, and work instructions to ensure jobs are run to specifications.
  • We're particular about quality, so we'll also need you to modify cutting programs to account for problems encountered during operation (don't worry, we'll show you how). We'll need you to help inspect  finished work-pieces to ensure that they meet specifications.
  • You'll need to perform preventative maintenance on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis in order to keep equipment running efficiently, eliminating unscheduled down-time. It's pretty easy to do.
  • Inspect and maintain workplace and equipment for compliance with safety requirements.
  • Consult with clients on product design.
  • Package and ship orders to customers.
  • Assist with preparation of materials for jobs.
  • Keep shop clean and orderly.
  • Assist with graphic design and product design.
  • Assembly of parts, products, and jobs.
  • Apply finishes and varnishes to products.
  • Sand and prep materials for jobs.
  • Occasionally deliver jobs to clients (you'll need to be able to drive).
  • Complete other duties as needed.
  • Keep staff abreast of good music.

If this sounds interesting to you, let us know. You can shoot an email to jay@jumbieindustries.com with your resume and portfolio.